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I am an artist, theorist, and sometimes curator. In my practice, I combine video, performance, installation, intervention, code, text, sound and speech with research, conversation and writing.

My research has focused on what I term the derivative condition of technocapitalism, a performative mode whose power to claim the future derives to a significant degree from finance models, technologies, operations and narratives. As part of this approach I work on activating the term and semiotic field of resolution as a concept and toolbox against data-driven assymmetries and non-transparency. And I explore renegade activism as a risk sharing agency that transforms critique and dissent towards resistance as betrayal and insurrection.

I also develop and curate postdisciplinary formats and platforms – such as The Future of Demonstration. These art projects bring together participants from different fields and disciplines with the aim to imagine and create a speculative re-entanglement of sensing and sense-making to counter the socio-ecological catastrophes we are facing today.

My practice is to a large extent based on thinking, working and making together, amongst many others especially with the artist Sylvia Eckermann and the Technopolitics research group, Vienna. I was a researcher at Forensic Architecture and received a PhD from the Centre for Research Architecture, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, University of London.